I honestly don’t like Naoto as a character at all. I think she’s extremely overrated and bland, but I will never be able to say this out loud because I feel like the fandom would hate me for it.

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Out of all the SEES members, why is Ken, an elementary student, the only one who curses in battle, this seriously bugs me, everyone else should be able to, but him.

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I know I can’t be the only person who hates Chie’s new voice in Persona 4 Golden, she sounds more like a blonde then anything else now cause of it.

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As bad as Rise’s shadow was, I personally think Chie’s shadow was the worst, had Yukiko seen what Chie felt, I think things would’ve totally gone south with the team.

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I don’t understand how shadows got in the Midnight Channel if they were in Tartarus.
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Female protagonists did not and never will ruin the games and/or fandom! Who cares if they attract new, different gamers? I think it’s awesome that more people can enjoy the games for different reasons.
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Dojima’s pretty hot for a middle aged man.
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I don’t understand what the point was of giving the “Fuhrer” sunglasses in P2: Innocent Sin Portable. I’m pretty sure we were all still able to tell he was Hitler.

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I ship Tatsuya/Maya. I personally never felt anything with Tatsuya/Jun, but that’s cool too.
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I don’t think the girls of Persona 4 are really friends, cause the they can end up dating the same guy at the same time and not tell each other their dating him. Unless their all such “good friends” they can share one man between them.
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